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14 Aug 2015 Unpadded Paper Mailer Envelopes – Branded Packaging at Minimal Start-up Expense

Every form of mailer envelope plain or printedBranded, custom printed packaging can easily be accomplished at minimal overall costs by utilizing our line of unpadded paper mailer envelopes. It has remained a customer favorite for years for a number of very good reasons that include:

  • Low one case minimum quantities (usually between 200 and 500 depending on mailer size)
  • Unprinted is a stock item and usually ships next day (see sizes here)
  • Available white or Kraft
  • Available flat or gusseted construction for thicker, bulkier products such as clothing
  • 100% recyclable and 100% recycled content making it a very green packaging solution

3 mailers, 1 plateStart-up Costs for Custom Printed Packaging

Some hurdles for creating branded packaging are perceived but one that can be very real are start-up costs. They may include cutting dies, print plates, art charges, etc. depending on the type of product you are considering. For example – we usually estimate print plate charges for boxes at “between $400 and $600 per color”. In some situations, like a new company or product line, this may make switching to a custom print cost prohibitive.

On our custom printed mailer envelopes, the art/plate fee never exceeds $125 per color, per side. That makes it affordable for just about any company at any stage of development.

Custom Printed Multiple Sizes?

What happens when you need two or three different mailer envelopes because one size mailer envelope does NOT fit all?

If you can use the same copy and the same size on your art, we can create one print plate that fits all your sizes and minimizes your cost.

A perfect example –

They are a terrific source for beautiful infant apparel and have been a long time customer using three different size mailer envelopes. The largest is gusseted and the two smaller are flat mailers for smaller products or orders. (Note: they just added a fourth size and yes, we are using the same print plate)

They were able to design a one color, screened logo that can be printed vertically on all three sizes and look good as you can see in the attached photo. That means one size plate and only one plate charge for three different size custom branded packaging containers.

We truly work to help customers get into custom printed packaging at minimal cost. Boxes are not always the best product or solution and for those applications we have a full assortment of mailer envelopes that includes paper and poly, cushioned and not cushioned. Even if this is your first time, expect to get decades of packaging advice when you choose to work with us.

Please contact Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to discuss your needs and application. I can assure you we have a solution for you that is affordable and will look great!

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04 Aug 2015 Skosh Box – Delivering the WOW Factor

one color on white, in and outMost of the people who contact us are not interested in purchasing shipping boxes, they are in search of unique marketing tools that connect them to their customer. In other words, they want their subscription or e-commerce boxes to stand out and create a memorable, positive experience. Whether they refer to it as increasing the WOW factor or enhancing the customer experience, the common goal is the same – to reinforce and promote the brand.

Economics, Graphic Design or Color?

Some people think they have to choose between these options because they do not realize that the cost difference between a basic one color on Kraft box and one that explodes with color is minimal. As discussed in detail in the “related post” link below, one of the greatest bargains in corrugated packaging is the second color.

There is very littlel difference in plate cost for less than 25% ink coverage compared to a flood coat design and there is virtually no difference in the box cost. Bright colors do not cost more than pastels so essentially – anything is possible. Great subscription box and not shy about color!

9-6-2 mailer box with printing inside and outOne of our most daring customers when it comes to color and design are our good friends at Skoshbox. They could pack their delicious treats from Japan in a brown box that would simply not be them. See the photos in this post and be amazed at their creativity and the boldness of the colors they select and how they use them, inside AND outside!

Our congratulations to Skoshbox for maximizing the benefit of custom printing their shipping containers!

We will gladly review your concept or design and help you determine how to achieve that maximum WOW factor and the minimum cost. Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700.

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21 Jul 2015 Enhance Your Consumer’s Experience with Scored Pad Dividers

50-50 longitudinal scored pad insert dividerIs there anything more disappointing than opening up an eagerly anticipated e-commerce or subscription box package only to find everything that was carefully packed is now an unrecognizable heap? Many of our customers work very hard to create a great presentation for their customers with custom printed branded shipping boxes, color coordinated tissue, interior box graphics and a variety of other techniques, all designed to impress. However, the trip from their facility to their customer’s address can be a long, brutal trip, and what looks great going out, typically does not look so good when it arrives. Fortunately, there is a fix for that.

What are scored pad dividers?

They are typically corrugated board inserts that are designed to separate products to prevent damage or simply present better. It may sound extreme but imagine shipping a 12 ounce soft drink can with a bag of potato chips. No matter how carefully you pack them, it is very likely the potato chips will arrive crushed. If you shipped a pair of sunglasses and a tee shirt, wouldn’t both items look better if there was a partition separating them?

75-25 cross directional divider insert

75-25 cross directinal insert in stock box

What about cutting dies and changes?

The best part about scored pads is that for the vast majority of applications NO CUTTING DIE is required so they can be changed at will with no cost.

Let’s say your box has an 8” long X 4” wide packing area. This month because of the products you are shipping, you would prefer a 50/50 cross directional divider creating two cells that are each 4” X 4”. However next month you are shipping a long, small product like a pen and would like a 1” X 8” longitudinal divider? No problem, no die cost!

If you require slots, holes, rounded corner, cut-outs, etc. then a cutting die will be needed, but a simple divider as shown in the photos is tool-less.

What about colors or printing?

The two basic board color options are white or natural Kraft (brown) board. Custom prints and color are available but minimums will apply and print plates will be required.

Aside from appearance, are there any additional benefits?

Scored pad dividers ship and arrive flat and are formed as needed so they take up very little space compared to most forms of void fill or cushioning. Typically they weigh less so shipping costs inbound (to you) and outbound (to your customer) are also minimized. In some cases box sizes can even be reduced. The greatest savings, however, may be a reduction of labor because void fill can be very time consuming. Packers can usually pack and ship more boxes per hour decreasing cost and increasing productivity.

Scored pad dividers are not the best internal packaging solution for every application but for many, they can be. Except for the very largest applications, the minimum is 1,000 and depending on size, the minimum might be higher for custom printed applications.

For a free, no cost, no obligation review of your application, please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. We can probably create a mock up and help you determine if it is indeed the best option for you and your products.

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09 Jul 2015 Mailer Envelope Options for Reducing Cost

Every form of mailer envelope plain or printedAs we often like to say, sometimes the best box for shipping a product is not a box at all. In some cases a mailer envelope will satisfy the need, at minimal cost per container, for shipping and for processing.

We offer a variety of stock (unprinted) and custom printed mailer envelope options including:

Plastic Mailer Envelope Options – still a favorite for some customers because of their light shipping weight and moisture resistance.

Unpadded – very popular for clothing and other soft goods. We have two different grades available and can be seen at this link. The minimum for custom printing is 25,000 envelopes.

Padded or “bubble lined” – ideal when the profile is low and a little protection is needed. Available (unprinted) stock sizes can be seen here and custom printing has a minimum of 25,000 envelopes.

Paper Mailer Envelope Options – the clear choice for most eco minded shippers and consumers.

Unpadded – available in white or Kraft, unprinted stock sizes and can also be custom printed in a VERY low, one case minimum. The low cost, low minimum branding option has quickly become a favorite for shipping tee shirts and other apparel.

Padded – Eight different unprinted sizes in stock but no longer available custom printed. Even though it is considered a green product (100% paper), the weight can make it costly to ship.

Rigid mailers – the perfect solution for mailing documents and other very low profile products. We have eight unprinted sizes in stock and the minimum for custom printing is 25,000 envelopes.

Paper/Poly Mailer Envelopes – these are not a stock item and not recyclable because the exterior is paper and the interior is plastic bubble, yet they are lightweight and preferred by people who want or need a paper exterior but also need some cushioning. These are available ONLY in custom printing with a minimum of 25,000.

Which mailer envelope is best for you?

We will be glad to review your application and help you determine that. The answer usually depends on what you are shipping, how you are shipping it and the order quantity. Some low cost solutions are only available in larger quantities, and of course, custom printing and branding can also be an important factor.

Please call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us at Globe Guard for unprinted stock products and Salazar for custom printed applications. Someone from our customer support team can help you decide which product is best for your specific needs.

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19 Jun 2015 Four New Die Cut Mailer Box Sizes Available and on Sale!

10 X 8.5 X 4 lock front B-flute mailerWe are very pleased to announce the addition of four new corrugated mailer boxes to the list of stock boxes on our green packaging store –

What is the difference between a die cut mailer and a standard RSC shipping box?

An RSC (regular slotted container) box most commonly used has four flaps on top and four flaps on the bottom, and is sealed using two pieces of tape. A die cut mailer has a hinged lid that allows it to open like a cigar box and can be tuck top or front lock in design for a little extra security. We refer to the die cut mailer as more of a presentation box because it is typically more attractive and easier to open, making it ideal for subscription and e-commerce applications.

If your focus is custom printed, branded boxes, why are you adding more unprinted sizes to your inventory?

There are really several good reasons including:

  1. Not all of our customers are ready for branded packaging because of order minimums (1,000 boxes) or perhaps because of size uncertainty.
  2. Even large volume, custom print customers occasionally have a need for a different (unprinted) size for a particular product or promotion.
  3. Art is being developed or a rebranding is anticipated
  4. Starting off with a stock, unprinted size permits a smoother transition into custom printed boxes later.

The four new sizes of die cut mailer boxes

5x4x35” X 4” X 3” lock front, B-flute mailer– this is more of a reintroduction because it was a stock item and was eliminated due to sluggish sales. More recently we have been overwhelmed by inquiries from jewelry, e-juice and other people looking for a small, secure mailer box. Keep in mind, it can be custom printed in a low 1,000 box minimum.

8.75 x 5.75 x 2.75  E-flute stock mailer8-3/4” X 5-3/4” X 2-3/4”  lock front, E-flute mailer – E-flute is thinner, providing a more retail, less industrial look for our customers who want a more attractive presentation box. This new size ships well and is ideal for anything from snacks to cosmetics.

10” X 8-1/2” X 4” – (shown above) lock front, B-flute mailer – This box was added for everyone looking for something “just a little smaller” than our very popular 12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 4” box. Since size matters in the new “dimensional rate” world, it is perfect for pet treats, snacks, and other subscription boxes.

11 x 12x 2 top tuck, E-flute mailer11” X 12” X 2” – top tuck, E-flute mailer – The E-flute makes this box as sharp looking as it is strong. It is the perfect presentation box for retail or e-commerce, especially for apparel such as baby clothes or designer tee shirts.

Let us know if you have any questions on any of these new items or if you would like to see a sample. Pricing and other details are available in the “corrugated mailer” section of our Globe Guard store and please remember, the introductory sale prices are good only through August 31, 2015. .

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11 Jun 2015 Cost Estimates for Custom Printed E-commerce and Subscription Boxes

great looking shippable boxesWe receive a lot of inquiries and most of them are looking for a “ballpark” price for the custom printed mailer box they have in mind. Many callers are in the process of creating their business plan and/or price structure and understandably, want to know what their packaging is going to cost. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions on this topic:

Can you send me your printed price list?

This is custom work; no two designs and customers are identical so there is no corresponding price list. Life and business would be easier if it were possible, but the info a price list would contain would likely be confusing and possibly inaccurate so we prefer to answer each inquiry individually.

Why don’t you have pricing for a “basic” print?

What is “basic” varies a great deal from one person to another. For example a “basic blue box with white lettering” is a reverse print flood coat and there is nothing “basic” about it. After launching hundreds of custom printed mailer boxes, we know designs tend to get more complex over time, not less. We will often use one standard color on a Kraft exterior as a base line to give people a starting point.

What is the minimum information you need for a price?

For starters we need your box size. Just for the record, there is no medium, standard, or average box size. Since we make them to order, you have an opportunity to choose the best fit.

We also need to know your choice of Kraft (brown) or white board color (inside and outside) and how many colors you want to print inside and/or outside. Of course the quantity you plan to order at this time is also necessary. (Keep our 1,000 MOQ in mind.) For example, a great inquiry would be something like this: 2,000 boxes, printed one color on Kraft outside and two colors on white inside. What you print (logo, web address, etc.) at this point does not matter and has little impact on the price.

How accurate are your ballpark prices?

Our numbers are only as good as the information you provide to us, but in most cases we are within plus/minus 10%. When we estimate cost, we typically provide a range such as “between $1.20 to $1.30 per box” and unless your design specs change dramatically, we are usually within the range provided. There are few surprises at Salazar Packaging!

 What is NOT included?

The shipping cost is almost impossible to estimate until we know what we are shipping and where we are shipping it. The specific delivery requirements at the address provided can make a big difference in the shipping cost. The only other additional cost is the ONETIME print plate cost that typically runs between $400 and $600 per color. Plates are usually less for RSC style boxes at $200 to $300 per color.

What if I need a firm and final quote?

If you provide firm and final art, we can provide you with firm and final pricing. We have learned from experience that box or art descriptions, regardless of how detailed they are, do not tell us everything we have to know. We also have found that artwork tends to evolve and change as a project nears completion. It is our sincere desire to provide you with the most accurate information possible and that is much easier to accomplish when we can actually see your finished artwork.

Our goal is ALWAYS to deliver the best possible box at the lowest possible cost and we are great about providing you with options and alternatives so you are able to make an informed decision.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. You can also see our branded packaging overview and examples of our work in our gallery. We looking forward to serving you and helping you create your new, branded packaging.

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05 Jun 2015 Globe Guard® E-commerce and Subscription Die Cut Mailer Boxes on Sale!

9-5-5 top tuck mailerWe have a lot of great changes coming soon on our selection of 100% recycled content die cut mailer boxes, and will soon be adding five new e-commerce box sizes to our store. In order to make space, we are reducing inventory on some overstocked items by offering them up to 20% off of our standard, low prices. Here are the boxes that are available on sale through the end of July:

9” X 9” X 5” – a high profile top tuck mailer. It is ideal for everything from candles to snacks.

5-13/16” X 5-3/4” X 1-15/16” – We call this one our 5-5-2 mailer box, though technically it is closer to 6-6-2. It is also a top tuck design and is used often for jewelry and cosmetics.

7-3-2 lock front mailer7-1/2” X 5-1/2” X 4” – This one is unusual because it is an eco mailer style box where the back opens up, making it easy to remove the contents. This is ideal for a box within a box type program.

7” X 3-1/6” X 2-5/16” – Internally we refer to this as our 7x3x2 front lock mailer and it is by far the most popular size we have for eye glass and sunglass shippers. It is also used but e-juice and personal care products.

11” X 12” X 2” – This is an E-flute, top tuck box that delivers more of a retail (less industrial) look. It is still plenty strong and makes a great presentation box for clothing as well as books.

11-12-2, E-flute, top tuck mailer11-1/8” X 8-5/8” X 7/8” high – This unique box is great for everything from books and sheet music to tee-shirts. See this recent post.

Custom Printing Also Available

All five of these boxes and every other stock die cut mailer we offer can be custom printed in a very low, 1,000 box minimum. After helping to create hundreds of beautiful and unique branded e-commerce and subscription boxes, we have made the process easy, and the additional cost for printing, minimal.

If you have any questions or would like to see a sample, please contact us at Globe Guard Products. Custom printed or stock, we would love to be your supplier for e-commerce boxes.

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26 May 2015 Random Repeat Patterns for E-commerce and subscription boxes

9x9x4 printed 2 colors out and 1 color inWe have seen those cool designs for years in/on hand bags, cosmetics and other luxury and high end products. They always create an upscale look and are instantly recognizable, which is really what branding is all about. We have done several new designs incorporating this random repeat look and the most unique, recent one is Express Jet.

Express Jet Selects Salazar Packaging for their new box

You can check out their web site at and you will see they are the world’s largest regional airline. When they decided they need an attractive intro box for their new pilots, we were glad they called us. We were able to use one of our stock cutting dies to save them time and money and the end result is shown in these photos.

Close up of random repeat inside printRandom Repeat Patterns Are Eye Catching

We will print anything anyone wants on their box but I think sometimes shippers spend a great deal of time and energy developing text that is rarely read. I know as a consumer I am eager to get my hands on what is inside the box and I am unlikely to spend a lot of time reading copy, regardless of how cleverly it is written or presented.

Marketing experts tell us we have only a few seconds to capture the attention of the recipient and make a lasting impression. A quick way to accomplish that is with an incredibly unique pattern of a logo, name, or image. We all know images are always easier to remember compared to text or copy so the objective is accomplished.

If you are interested in discussing your custom printed box needs, please feel free to contact Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. We will help you create a great looking box, at minimal expense, and do it quickly for you. Most of our first time orders ship within two weeks.

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18 May 2015 Globe Guard® 11-8-1 Mailer – Unique and on sale!

Unprinted or cusotm print in low 1,000 minimumWhat makes this box so unique is the way it can be printed and used in a vertical or a horizontal mode so it can open like a book or like a tray.

The actual inside dimensions are 11-1/8” X 8-5/8” X 1” and it is a stock item on our , green packaging store. Its versatile design has enabled it to be used for shipping everything from catalogs, flooring samples and business forms to tee shirts, photos and award plaques.

It is available in a low one bundle minimum ($30 minimum store purchase) and ships for a low $7.00 flat fee, anywhere in the continental USA.

Outside print ends up insideCustom printing is always an option

The box is designed to be printed on one side of the board and when formed, some of the print ends up inside. That may not sound like much of a difference, but it allows you to place graphics inside the box without the cost of inside printing and the necessary additional print plate. It also enables print to “flow” inside creating endless print options and unique looks.Ideal for shipping books and paper products

On sale 20% off through June 30, 2015

For the next six weeks we are offering the unprinted, stock version of this box on our green packaging store for 20% off of our already low prices. This makes this terrific option the same cost as some mailer envelopes or rigid mailers that may not provide the same level of protection or attractive presentation.

What if the size is not right for your product?

Please let us know what size you need. The beauty of this design is that it can be easily adapted to accommodate much smaller or larger product sizes.

Contact us at Globe Guard Products if you have any questions or if you would like to see a sample.

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11 May 2015 Pooki’s Mahi® – Great Taste and Frustration Free Packaging®

Frustration Free certified E-commerce shipperCongratulations to Pooki’s Mahi for having achieved the prestigious and hard earned certification for Amazon’s “Frustration Free Packaging and E-commerce Packaging.” If you are familiar with the process, you can appreciate the accomplishment.

This designation applies to all 11 Pooki’s Mahi SKU’s for their primary packs as well as their 24 unit shipper which we are proud to produce for them. Not only is it one of the most attractive e-commerce, subscription boxes we have ever created, we now know it can pass this stringent certification for packaging that is eco and consumer friendly.

To learn more about Pooki’s Mahi please visit their web site and FYI, the office staff at Salazar Packaging officially certifies their coffee as “delicious”.

To learn more about Salazar Packaging and our attractive, low cost e-commerce and subscription box capabilities, please check out the related posts below. You can also contact us via email or call us at 630-551-1700.


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