The Greenest Insulated Cooler Boxes Available 

09 Dec 2016 The Greenest Insulated Cooler Boxes Available 

eco-friendly cooler box, green coloor box, recyclable cooler box, recycled contentThe Globe Guard® cooler boxes we offer are definitely the most eco-friendly insulated packaging shipping solution available. The corrugated RSC style shipping boxes are our own Globe Guard® brand that are a minimum of 66% recycled content and 100% recyclable. The removable insulating panel material is made 100% of non-food, non-GMO corn starch that will easily biodegrade under almost any condition.

The unique benefits of Globe Guard® cooler boxes:

  1. The entire package, every single component, is 100% biodegradable.

Compare this to EPS (Styrofoam) foam coolers that are soon to be extinct or laminated, multi-layer solutions that dare to call themselves a green option when only one component is biodegradable or made of recycled content.

  1. Our cooler boxes can be branded.

Almost any size, shape or color, printed just about any way you can imagine. Most customers find they save much more than printing cost by simply replacing multiple labels.

  1. Die cut “presentation” boxes are also available

If an RSC box is not what you had in mind for your gourmet food or medical product, and a presentation box will serve your needs better, we can create insulating inserts for any of our stock or custom size die cut mailer boxes.

insulated-custom-printed-die-cut-mailer-box, eco-friendly cooler box, recycled, recyclable shipping boxWhat our cooler boxes are not

  1. They are not available in stock or in small order quantities.

All of our cooler boxes are made to order, so the minimum for an unprinted RSC box is 500 and 1,000 MOQ for a custom printed RSC or one of our die cut mailers.

  1. They are not inexpensive

When people call us in an effort to find a “cheap” insulated packaging solution, they are disappointed to find that our boxes on average are 20 to 30% more expensive compared to EPS foam coolers. We are the greenest, but not the least expensive option out there.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 815-609-3600 to discuss your application with one of our experienced packaging consultants. I am confident we will be able to help you determine the best packaging solution for your temperature sensitive products.

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