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23 May Just Added to Globe Guard® Products green packaging store: Reclosable, Biodegradable Poly Bags

Biodegradable and reclosable poly bagsWe are extremely pleased to have added seven different sizes of our new green reclosable poly bags to our Globe Guard store.

What makes these bags green?

First, these bags are very reusable, with a standard easy open reclosable lip, making these unlike other sealed bags that have to be ripped or cut open. Second, they are biodegradable and are ASTM D5511 compliant and will biodegrade even in landfill conditions. Since they are made of 100% LDPE recyclable (low density polyethylene) film, they are also recyclable anywhere a standard poly or plastic shopping bag can be recycled.

What are the bag specs?

In terms of size they vary from a very small 2” X 2” to the largest stock size we currently offer which is 9” X 12”. Keep in mind all bag dimensions are usable, inside dimensions and do not include the reclosable header.

In addition all current stock sizes are made of clear, 2 mil film, though other sizes and gauges are available. (Minimums may apply) All bag sizes are packed 1,000 bags per case and available in a low one case minimum.

Check out the new “packaging supplies” section of our green packaging store that now includes shipping labels, packaging tapes, as well as packaging aids and dispensers.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want pricing on ANY bag needs. We make bags ranging from heavy duty ten mil thick bags that fit pallet loads of products to tiny, ultra-thin bags for seasonings and spices. All can be made custom gauge, custom size and of course, custom print.