February 2010

23 Feb 2010 Happy Birthday YouTube!

YouTube logoIn case you are not aware, You Tube will soon be celebrating the 5th anniversary of its launch in April of 2005.

Here are a few interesting YouTube facts you may not know.

  • They now stream a full BILLION videos each and every day.
  • According to some industry sources, YouTube now adds twenty HOURS of new content, every minute of the day.
  • If they stopped adding content today and you devoted your life to watching videos on YouTube, you would not live long enough to see them all.

YouTube and Business

In October of 2006, Google paid a whopping $1.65 BILLION for YouTube and even though it has never turned a profit for them, I suspect it will eventually prove to be money well spent. What we do know already is that it has the amazing ability to make worldwide internet stars out of some people who ordinarily would not been noticed in their own neighborhood.

YouTube is also proving to be a tremendous asset to business because it provides a simple, inexpensive way to potentially share something with the world.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box – “You Have to See It!”

If you are a regular reader you know we recently created a new patent pending box design we call the Globe Guard® Reusable Box. Essentially we made it easy to invert a previously used box inside-out, creating a like new box that can be used again.

We could have written a lengthy description of the inverting process and possibly included several still photographs, but the best way for us to help others understand how easy it is to invert our new box design is to actually demonstrate it for them. By witnessing the process in real time, it is easy to fully appreciate its speed and simplicity.

Happy Birthday, YouTube … and thank you!

eco-friendly-packaging-storeVisit the Globe Guard ® Green Packaging Store for –

Green Shipping Boxes
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See our revolutionary, patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Shipping Box!

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16 Feb 2010 Intra Company Shipments and the Globe Guard Reusable Box

A Globe Guard Reusable Box pictured before first use, after first use, and inverted to form a like new shipping container.

Globe Guard Reusable Boxes

Companies ship things back and forth much more than they realize until they start evaluating where the boxes they purchase wind up going. In some cases plastic totes, metal cases or wooden crates can satisfy the need but those options tend to be expensive and are best utilized when the container is going to wind up back where it started. In many cases, a low cost corrugated container like our Globe Guard® Reusable Box is a better, lower cost and greener option.

Why Do Companies Ship Product within Their Own System?

There could be a wide variety of reasons but here are a few of the most common:

  • For inventory purposes – one location’s over stock is another’s back order.
  • For testing and examination – labs are often centralized even in the largest of companies so product makes a round trip after it is reviewed and approved.
  • For finishing and secondary operations – not all facilities have the same capabilities requiring product to be shipped from one location to another.
  • For repair and return situations.
  • For de-manufacturing, rework and reclaim of company or customer owned products.

Shipments to Partners and Vendors


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11 Feb 2010 The Globe Guard Reusable Box – A Timely Green Packaging Solution

The reusable shipping box after initial shipment, and pictured again after it is inverted for a second use.

Finally, a Truly Reusable Shipping Box

In case you have not heard, we have officially launched our new patent pending product, the Globe Guard® Reusable Box. We think the packaging industry as a whole is waking up to the fact that reusable packaging can and should play an important role in our overall sustainability strategy and we are proud to be one of the companies sounding that alarm.

The Three “R’s” of Sustainability

We have been a leading advocate of the use of recycled and recyclable packaging materials for several years. Our Globe Guard 100% post consumer waste shipping boxes are a direct result of that effort and we are now literally selling our boxes everywhere from Hawaii to Maine and every place in between.

The second R in sustainability is reduce and with over fifty years of combined packaging experience, our staff has the ability to help almost any company use less packaging materials and reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. For example, people are often surprised when a supplier of boxes is so willing to show them how to use fewer boxes but that is what we do.

We believe the most ignored and virtually untapped R in packaging sustainability is reuse and that is simply because most packaging products are “use once and discard” by design. It is easy to print, “Please recycle or reuse” on any product, but it’s difficult to do when it was made to be disposable and not reusable.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box – Truly Designed to Be Reused!

My co-inventor and wife, Lenora, and I spent much time lamenting the fact that most corrugated boxes could be used again, if they did not look so awful after their first use. More than cosmetic, the re-usability was negatively affected by the tape, labels, markings and scuffs that usually cover a box after one single use.

We have seen boxes mistakenly re-delivered to the same address because an old label was read on a previously used box and we have also witnessed cost and eco conscious customers waste time and energy attempting to paint or cover over old labels and markings. Ironically that same used box usually has a clean and like new interior.

“If only there was a way to turn a box inside/out” we kept asking ourselves. We came up with a way and it is simple and extremely easy to do. Take a look at this 1.5 minute video and see how it works.

For a more detailed video and product information, visit our new Reusable Shipping Boxes website.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box Saves Money, Too!

We too operate a business in these tough times so we are well aware of the need for any packaging solution to be economically sensible as well as environmentally responsible. Simply put, our new, patent pending design essentially is one unique box that does the job of two or more boxes. It can also result in additional savings and benefits in the following areas:

  • Procurement costs – buying boxes half as often results in fewer trucks to unload and fewer invoices to process and pay.
  • Valuable space – in some operations space is an increasingly valuable asset and our box can dramatically reduce the amount of boxes you have to keep on hand.
  • Labor on returns processing – when our box is printed inside, it becomes the outside so package processing can be streamlined and more efficient.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and quicker turn around on warranty parts, service loaners or exchange programs.
  • Greening up your inbound and out bound packaging in a most obvious and unique way.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information on this newest product we have created to help save you money and help the environment.

The Globe Guard® Reusable Box

Green by Nature, Reusable by Design ™
eco-friendly-packaging-storeVisit the Globe Guard ® Green Packaging Store for –

Green Shipping Boxes
Eco Friendly Packaging Materials
Special Deals on Eco Friendly Shipping Supplies

See our revolutionary, patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Shipping Box!

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09 Feb 2010 Helping Green Packaging Customers Find Green Packaging Solutions

Screen shot of Recycled Packaging website, with stairs leading up to a doorway.

New Recycled Packaging Website!

The world of the internet is a complicated one and it is relatively easy to wind up lost among the incredible amount of information that is now available to anyone with a PC, laptop or cell phone. Of course the objective is to be found by people looking for what you do and offer, but you also have to help them quickly or it is off to the next name resulting from their Google or other search.

A Sustainable Packaging “Fork in the Road”

We have launched a new web site, www.recycledpackaging.com, and its purpose is really quite simple. It serves only to help visitors determine which of our business web sites (www.salazarpackaging.com or www.globeguardproducts.com) is mostly likely to offer the solutions to their packaging challenges. Potential customers can easily determine if stock eco friendly packaging products are what they need or if their application demands a custom solution. We certainly appreciate and welcome all new visitors to both of our sites but for new potential customers in a hurry, we think this option will enable them to more quickly find what they are looking for.

Stock versus Custom Eco Friendly Packaging


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04 Feb 2010 Eco Power – The Selling of Green

eco friendly rayon socks display at sams club

How Eco Friendly Are These Rayon - Bamboo Socks, Really?

When you think of the term “eco power” what do you think of? Perhaps wind mills or some type of naturally produced energy. Or maybe an all natural, organic energy drink to be consumed while working out? What you almost certainly don’t think about is socks.

Eye Catching Eco Display

A few weeks ago I noticed this display while shopping at Sam’s Club. Products being promoted in a green manner always capture my attention but I guess that is the purpose of using green catch phrases like “eco power”. It leads consumers to believe that there is something uniquely green about the product being offered. I took a closer look and realized the product on display was cotton socks so of course I had to determine how Burlington was able to make any green claims about their product.

I discovered the socks were made of “rayon made from bamboo” which supposedly gave them some terrific properties to combat moisture and odor. I also noticed that the rayon made from bamboo was a mere 2% of the overall composition and the primary material being used is cotton, the non-organic variety. The labeling and display proudly proclaimed the socks were made domestically but no real indication where the cotton came from, how it was grown and how the people who harvested it were treated. Yet, that tiny bit of “natural” composition made these socks a green product?

Is Rayon Even Natural?

According to everything I have read, rayon is neither a natural or synthetic product. It is a “semi synthetic fiber”. Any number of different naturally growing plants and trees including bamboo can produce the cellulose from which you can make rayon but in my mind, that does not necessarily make the end result bamboo, or even make it green.

I had no idea that last August the FTC came to the same conclusion when they released this bulletin.

Why Is This Product Still on the Shelf?

I took this photo on Tuesday when I re-visited Sam’s Club to pick up a few items. Right in the middle of one of their main aisles was the greenest retailer in America, Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club, selling a product that at best is questionably green and at worst, possibly intentionally misleading. (more…)

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