Branded Packaging Continues to Grow in Popularity

15 Aug 2012 Branded Packaging Continues to Grow in Popularity

Branded packaging is hot. Our customers are always looking for new ways to communicate their brand message and remain memorable to their customers, and branded packaging is a great way to do that. We are currently custom printing and branding everything from corrugated shipping boxes, mailer envelopes, plastic and paper tape and of course, a wide variety of void fill products including inflatable air pillows.

An area often overlooked in terms of communication potential is that of paper-based void fill. Your interior packaging is one of the first things your customers see and they are likely to form an opinion about you and your company based on that void fill or packing material. If you don’t believe that, recall your first impression when as a consumer, you opened a box and found it to be filled with foam peanuts, or some other form of non-green, non customer-friendly packaging.

Minimums may apply, but we can custom print nearly all of the interior packaging products we sell. Two of the newest and most popular are:

Packaging Paper on Rolls

Virtually every type of paper we stock and many we do not stock are available custom printed. This includes our 30# recycled newsprint; 40# Kraft, 50# gray bogus, and even our 60# indented Kraft. The secret on the indented paper is we print it before it is indented. The end result is a textured finish that has a very desirable natural and rustic look.

See the photo showing an increasingly important “Made in the USA” message on plain (flat) Kraft and also on indented Kraft. The recipient consumer cannot help but see your message or logo as they unpack the box to retrieve the items they ordered.

GreenWrap Ready Rolls by Geami

This exceptionaly versatile product line is already available in nineteen different color combinations but if that still does not make the impression you want, we have a couple of custom options for you:

  • Custom color interleaf tissue. We have a wide variety of colors available that are not “stock” items. A great example is black which looks great on natural brown Kraft. It may be a stock item one day soon, but it is available today as a special or custom order.
  • Custom printed interleaf tissue – your logo or message can be printed on the interleaf tissue as shown on the photo included in this post. Submit your art
    work and we’ll be glad to give you a price.

Please remember, when in doubt, ask. We will gladly provide a no cost analysis of your packaging application and provide you with some experienced feedback on your idea or concept. We are certain we can help you make an immediate, positive, and long lasting impression on your most valuable customers through your packaging products.

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