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26 Mar 2018 Branded Packaging Made Easy: Custom Printed Stayflats® Rigid Mailer Envelopes

Branded Packaging Made Easy: Custom Printed Stayflats® Rigid Mailer Envelopes

custom printing with low 2500 MOQ, Salazar packagingOver the years we have accumulated one of the best assortments of mailer envelopes in the industry on our Globe Guard® green packaging store. All types, ranging from our padded bubble lined poly mailers to our unpadded Kraft mailer envelopes, always available stock, plain or custom printed with your message or logo.

One of the least understood and appreciated options is our terrific line of Stayflats® rigid mailer envelopes. They are most often used for shipping documents, photographs, printed brochures or anything relatively low in profile. Not only are they very protective of the contents being mailed or shipped, they are also green and easily recycled after use. They can also be custom printed in a relatively low MOQ (2,500) and we have yet to see a design that is not printable. Add gloss/shine, perhaps embossing, and you have a truly unique shipping container that represents you and your company well.

Custom Printed Packaging Capabilities

Your graphic design will help determine whether flexographic or offset printing is best for your application. We can do up to seven colors and can print on white or natural Kraft. Flood coat colors are usually printed over white board for best results and consistent color.  As the photos below show, flood coat colors feature 100% ink coverage, and are sharp and bright because of the great substrate we print on.

Flood coat custom printing, Salazar PackagingFree Review of Your Graphic Design

Give us a call at 630-551-1700 or email us at Salazar Packaging to discuss your project. If you are using stock rigid mailers and applying labels, let us show you how much you can save and how much more eye catching we can help you make your envelopes. Our branded packaging advisors are experienced and eager to help you.

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13 Feb 2018 Box Insert Options for D2C E-commerce Packaging

Scored sheet insert, e-commerce packaging, Salazar PackagingBox Insert Options for D2C E-commerce Packaging

A quick search on the internet will confirm that there are many companies that sell boxes. Online catalog houses and retailer providers ranging from office supply stores to truck rental facilities all sell boxes in their basic, simplest form.
What we do is much more sophisticated and goes far beyond providing a shipping container to ship a product from the shipper to the on-line customer. We enhance the value of our shipping products by providing a variety of direct to consumer packaging design solutions that accomplish two critical things:

Protection – preventing damage in shipment
Presentation – delivering the best possible unboxing experience for the consumer

die cut 4 cavaty insert, e-commerce packaging, Salazar PackagingInserts of various types and styles

Inserts (inside protective packaging) is one of the ways we accomplish that within the box. We have created inserts, partitions and dividers in many different forms including molded and engineered foams, die cut paperboard designs, multilayer paper honeycomb designs, molded pulp and our most popular – die cut corrugated designs.

Why are die cut and scored sheet inserts the most popular option?

Primarily because it is flexible and versatile. It is also affordable on a per piece basis and in terms of tooling cost, which is minimal compared to other forms and options. If the product lines or count changes, the insert can easily be modified or replaced. It is also easier to use when packing and cleaner when unpacking. Decorative fill (peanuts, shredded paper, etc.) offers questionable protection because most often the fill product shifts and settles during shipment. As attractive as you may think decorative loose fill is, I have yet to meet a consumer who enjoys the unpacking mess and clean up.
Corrugated inserts are also a greener option compared to most because they are easily removed and recycled. They are printable and can also be made of 100% recycled corrugated board.
From a design perspective, they provide endless options and possibilities in structure and shape. Here are three different designs for the same four pack of deodorant sticks.
1. Scored sheet divider – this is a low cost, effective design that does not require a cutting die investment. Mailing and storage costs are also minimized because in this case the product does not require a protective perimeter air cell, for a very tight, clean, simple and economical design.
Angled presentation insert, e-commerce packaging, Salazar2. Die cut cavities – in situations where space around the product is desired the insert can be cut with as many openings or cavities as necessary. Most custom cutting dies require a $300 to $600 onetime investment but save hours of valuable packing time if designed properly.
3. Elevated and angled die cut design – For a unique presentation that really shows off the product, many products can be placed in an insert at an angle or eye-catching configuration. Reproducing the instore, retail experience when shipping direct to the consumer is not always easy but a creative design can help you create that Instagram worthy look.
This is just a brief look at a few things we can do to help you impress your e-commerce customer. If you want to learn more and discuss the specifics of your product and application, call us at 630-551-1700 or contact Salazar Packaging via email. We have designed and printed millions of boxes for thousands of customers, so we are confident we can use that experience to save you time and money while creating a great looking D2C package for you.

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Printed Die Cut Corrugated Inserts for Ecommerce and Subscription Boxes.

Buyers Guide to Partitions, Dividers, and Die Cut Inserts for  E-commerce and Subscription Boxes

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25 Jan 2018 E-commerce Packaging for Feminine Hygiene Products

Packaging for feminine hygene products, e-commerce packaging, Salazar packaging, ecommerce, custom printingE-commerce Packaging for Feminine Hygiene Products

Whether the driving force is convenience, security, or privacy, feminine hygiene products have been a popular direct to consumer (D2C) market. They are also an ideal product for subscription programs.

We have done well over a dozen different boxes in that space and the photos below shows just a few of them. What they all have in common is:

  • Great graphics – attractive colors and designs that are typically low cost with only one-color printing.
  • Secure containers – pilfer proof and designed for privacy.
  • Compact – for the lowest possible shipping cost whatever the product or count.
  • Easy assembly and packing – Shipping multiples of any product can be laborious but proper design and inserts/dividers can minimize fulfillment costs.

A great unboxing experience made easy!

Once we help you determine the best size shipping container for your products, we provide you with a die line so you can design your custom look. We know how to get the most out of one or two colors and have some great options:

  • White or natural Kraft (brown board)
  • Thin e-flute for a more retail, less industrial look
  • Triple white board eliminates the brown medium (middle) layer for a cleaner look
  • Inside prints for maximum print area on a small box usually dominated by a shipping label
  • Digital prints for complex graphics, sophisticated logos as well as variable or seasonal messages

Triple white e-flute board, e-commerce packaging, subscription packaging, Salazar PackagingYour e-commerce packaging partner

Whether you need a food referral to a fulfillment company or a graphic designer who understands packaging, we can help you assemble the correct people for your team.  This may be your first venture in subscription or direct to consumer packaging, but it is not our first time. After producing literally millions of boxes, we have the experience to help you create the best looking, most effective box at the lowest possible cost.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a free analysis of your packaging design or redesign project.

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18 Jan 2018 Buyers Guide to Digitally Printed Corrugated E-commerce Boxes

D2C intro special packaging, Salazar Packaging, e-commerce boxesBuyers Guide to Digitally Printed Corrugated E-commerce Boxes

Reason # 4 to go digital – limited run or “one and done” applications    

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts focused on digital printing to help potential e-commerce box customers determine when digital may be the best custom printing option.  The three other posts (linked below in related posts) suggests going digital:

  1. When printing complex and/or multi-color graphics
  2. To eliminate expensive flexographic print plate costs
  3. When printing multiple versions (flavors, scents, etc.) of the same box size and shape.

This post is focused on situations when a box is going to be run one time for a special promotion or event that is not going to repeat. It could be a new product introduction, special promotion, an award, customer gift, or other limited run (usually one time) event.

Printing plates are costly from many perspectives including the time it takes to design them. Add to that design time cost, the actual plate cost that is typically around $500 per color, inside or outside, and the total can easily end up being thousands of dollars. Yet flexographic printing (if the graphic design permits it) can be a best long-term investment because the cost per unit is usually lower. If you plan to run tens of thousands over the next several years, paying for flexographic print plates can be a wise and economical way to go.

However, what if you never plan to run the box again?

packaging for new product launches, Salazar Packaging, e-commerce boxesFor example, a gift going out to celebrate a 10th anniversary or a new product launch? Neither is likely to ever repeat so in that case, unless the volume is huge, it is probably a good idea to avoid the cost of flexographic plates and print using a plate-less digital process. The cost per box may be a bit higher (compared to flexographic) but not when you factor in the plate costs that are going to end up as waste at the end of the run. In that case running digital is economical and less wasteful.

Of course, we are talking about custom printing applications in general terms. Every situation and customer is slightly different and our branded packaging advisors are specially trained to provide you with facts that will help you make an informed decision.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to speak with one of our people. For more online information on printing digitally, please check out the digital box printing page at or our newest web site:

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26 Jul 2017 Packaging for E-commerce Apparel and How to Minimize the Cost

Mailer boxes and envelopes for clothing, Salazar Packaging, e-commerce, Packaging for E-commerce Apparel and How to Minimize the Cost

Shipping clothing can be challenging because of the number of order variations that are possible. Whether you are shipping organic baby clothes or lingerie, tee shirts or dress shirts, each order can potentially be different, impacting the type and size of packaging required, as well as shipping weight costs. Are you shipping e-commerce orders of one single item or bulk shipping wholesale orders? Here are a few tips to help you minimize your costs:

Not all clothing requires a shipping box

As you can see from the photos included in this post, mailer envelopes are a great solution for smaller items being shipped. For example, dozens of tee shirt shipping customers use our unpadded paper mailers because they are relatively low cost, very green, and can be branded in very small quantities.

Most soft goods don’t require it, but if you feel you need a more moisture resistant or padded mailer envelope, our poly mailers are a good option and can also be custom printed at a higher MOQ. See minimums “related post” link below.

Compared to boxes, mailer envelopes are:

  • Lighter in weight, reducing inbound and outbound shipping costs
  • Less storage space for you
  • Less waste for your customer

Shipping Boxes for Wearing Apparel

Mailer boxes and envelopes for apparel, salazar packaging, e-commerce packagingThere are times when the order size, the type of customer (bulk wholesale), or the application requires a corrugated shipping container. For example, you may be able to minimize wrinkling of the garments being shipped by utilizing a box rather than a flat mailer.

Most clothing shipped in corrugated containers ship in die cut mailer style boxes. That is the type of box that has an attached lid and opens like a cigar box. This makes packaging and unpacking easier, and visually is a better presentation compared to an RSC style box. For branding purposes, the inside lid of the die cut mailer creates a great billboard and a great spot to say thank you or reinforce your brand image.

For larger, bulkier orders, an RSC style box may be the best option and can be printed in a low, 1,000 MOQ. That is the type of box that has four flaps on top and four on the bottom (typical moving box design) and is sealed with two pieces of plastic or paper tape. If you require this type of container, we offer two good pieces of advice:

  1. Resist the temptation to save a few cents on a lower grade, thinner, corrugated box made of 32 ECT corrugated board. 200# test corrugated is unnecessary for many applications, but for clothing, which is unexpectedly heavy, it is worth minimal additional cost to make sure the boxes do not rupture when dropped.
  2. Much product damage occurs when the recipient decides to open an RSC with a sharp knife or scissors. Since we make all our RSC’s to order, we can easily extend the flaps if necessary to prevent your customer from inadvertently damaging the product you ship.

I would say very few companies have the experience and success we have in making shipping containers for soft goods and apparel. Whatever your product or objective, one of our branded packaging advisors is available at no cost, at 630-551-1700 to discuss your requirements. Or if you prefer, contact us via email Salazar   and visit our gallery to see more of our work.

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Assorted box sizes on hand

19 Jul 2017 How many different size e-commerce shipping containers do you really need?

Assorted box sizes on hand, eco-friendly packaging, e-commerce packaging, subscription packaging, How many different size e-commerce shipping containers do you really need?

They say variety is the spice of life but in packaging, it can hurt your bottom line if the wrong decision is made. The typical e-commerce shipper has two options:

  1. Utilize more, different sizes for an exact fit approach
  2. Minimize the number of different sizes and adopt a few or one size fits all approach

The benefits of using various size containers

The most obvious benefit is that the box better fits the product being shipped so there is less room for the product to move and additional/ancillary packaging such as void fill can be minimized or eliminated. The product can add strength to the packaging so you are less likely to experience crushing and exterior (outside/in) damage.

You are minimizing box size, which minimizes board weight and that has a positive effect on storage, as well as inbound and outbound shipping costs.  Customers are less likely to complain about excessive packaging which can be a key issue depending on your product and customer base.

The benefits of minimizing the number of shipping containers you use

There are really two advantages of using fewer sizes:

  1. Fewer packaging SKU’s to manage, purchase, and inventory
  2. Theoretically – a lower cost per unit due to increased purchasing quantity and lower price

There is no question that using fewer sizes can save time and space and you don’t have to worry about having the right size shipping container in stock. It is also true that purchasing (for example) 4,000 of one larger size container is going to cost less (per box) than purchasing 1,000 of that same size.

However, the key question is always going to be about order/purchase volume in relationship to size. Since order size discounts diminish (in terms of percentage) as the order size increases, at some point ordering several sizes MIGHT prove less expensive compared to a larger order of one (larger) size container. In other words, make no assumptions, let us help you do the math and determine what is really in your best interest.

Excessive, over sized packaging example, oversized packaging, e-commerce packaingSo, what is the best e-commerce packaging option for you?

Simply put, it comes down to usage volume. What does the order mix look like? Here is an example I often use when helping a customer review their options:

If the largest necessary size is only 12% of your volume, and you buy one size container, large enough to accommodate that and all your smaller product sizes, you are over packaging 88% of the time. That is probably not in your best interest because you are not likely to ever save enough money on the large box to make up for all the over packaging costs you are going to experience. Not to mention that your green minded customer may wonder why you are using an extra-large box to ship an extra small product.

Does that make sense? If not, one of our branded packaging advisors can quickly walk you through our process and help you determine what is really in your best interest. Yes, we sell “packaging that communicates” that looks great, but equally important is that it is eco-friendly, and at the lowest possible cost to purchase and use.

Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a free cost analysis of your specific application.

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28 Jun 2017 Packaging for Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes and E-Commerce

Packaging for Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes and E-Commerce

Custom printed white and Kraft corrugated mailersWe have designed and produced shipping containers for a wide variety of beverages ranging from vitamin waters to liquor and everything in between, including coffee and tea. Coffee and tea are two of the most popular subscription programs because consumers are very brand conscious and loyal. Yet, most are also receptive to trying new flavors. This makes it an ideal situation for a creative supplier who is able and willing to deliver a variety of products to their door.

Primary versus secondary packaging

Primary packaging is the packaging that makes direct contact with the food/beverage product. It may be a folding paperboard carton, a pouch or bag, or even a K-cup container. Secondary packaging is the shipping container that is used to ship the primary containers in the required count. Examples: two, one pound bags or 24 K-cups.

It is this variety of primary containers sizes, shapes, and counts that makes shipping containers such a challenge. The greater the options offered to the customer or subscriber, the more variations there can be in secondary packaging.

Custom and semi-custom shipping containers

Corrugated Kraft coffee and tea mailersWe are adamant about right sizing a shipping box whenever possible. It saves space and money in many ways including shipping costs. (See right sizing related post below)

We can make an RSC style shipping box in any size and construction needed. If more of a presentation (die cut mailer) box is desired, we can utilize one of our over 100 different stock cutting die sizes to make a box that will be a great fit for the product and configuration you have in mind. Using an existing cutting die saves approximately $800 (onetime cost) and more importantly, eliminates delay. We can typically produce and ship a first-time order within two weeks after receiving your final, approved art work.

However, if you decide you want to ship a new container size, shape or configuration, we can make a fully custom box to your exact specifications. In most cases the minimum for a custom box is the same as the MOQ for a semi-custom shipping container – a low 1,000 boxes.

All branding is all custom!

Whether you go with an RSC box, a fully custom or a semi-custom die cut mailer box, the graphic design and finish is all yours. We do not offer “stock prints” like some companies do because they are never unique and your competitor can use the exact same design for their boxes. We specialize in making your boxes uniquely yours with your design, logo and text printed inside, outside, and in some cases on inserts and dividers.

We also don’t ask you to select a color from a handful of available colors and will offer you a wide assortment of GCMI colors as well as custom Pantone (PMS) colors. Most of our shipping containers are printed on 100% recyclable corrugated board with water based, ecofriendly inks.

If you don’t have a graphic artist, we can introduce you to one of the many we know who will do a great job for you. If you need a fulfillment operation, someone to pick and pack orders, we can set you up with that as well. This may be a new project for you but we have been doing this a long time and our experience will save you time and money.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to discuss your application and requirements. One of our branded packaging advisors will be glad to discuss your options with you to minimize your packaging costs and maximize the unboxing experience for your customers.

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22 Jun 2017 Packaging for Eyewear and Contacts

Warby-Parker, Salazar Packaging, subscription packaging, e-commerce packagingThis time of year, even us Midwesterners are breaking out the sunglasses, and of course, eye glasses have become as much a fashion statement as a necessity. For those in need of vision assistance who don’t like glasses, contact lenses are the preferred choice. Two things they all have in common is that they can all be purchased over the internet, and each require shipping containers.

One of our early branded packaging customers was Warby-Parker. They basically pioneered prescription glasses purchased on line with their HTO (Home Try On) boxes which we manufactured for them. Since then, we have created packaging for many manufacturers of glasses, sun glasses, and specialty contact lenses.

Balancing Protection and Presentation for Eyewear Shipping Containers

We all realize helping the product arrive undamaged is most important, but at the same time the packaging must look great, and it also must be economical. Keep in mind the average pair of glasses might already have multiple layers of packaging:

  1. The primary case that makes direct contact with the product and is likely to be kept and reused by the consumer. (We are NOT a supplier of this type of packaging)
  2. Possibly a rigid (paperboard) box that may or may not be kept and reused by the consumer. (We do design and create rigid wall boxes as well)
  3. The shipping container that is rarely reused or kept by the consumer. This could be a single or multiple like the Bon Look photo below. (we do supply this product)

This helps to understand why the shipping containers (the third item listed) should be effective and affordable because it is a very necessary but usually disposable layer of packaging.

Salazar Packaging, e-commerce, subscription packagingUnboxing Experience for Eyewear

With all this in mind, that all important unboxing experience (presentation) begins on the outer layer, usually a corrugated container. What most shippers don’t realize is that a great looking, custom size and custom printed box is only slightly more expensive than a plain, boring, oversized corrugated box. Not only can a larger (than necessary) box and void fill add cost, it can also add shipping weight and that can be additional cost as well.

Ideally the shipping container allows the product to arrive safely but not look too “industrial.” Reinforcing the brand and image is added value as well, for the shipper as well as the recipient. Here are a few ways you can enhance your box and turn it into more than a shipping container:Salazar Packaging, e-commerce packaging, subscription packaging, custom packaging

  • Custom print the exterior – show off that logo in a registered or very popular random repeat print
  • Custom Print the interior – since the shipping label dominates the exterior, the best place to make a great impression is on the inside of a small container
  • Color – standard white or Kraft as well as flood coats of any Pantone color you require
  • Unusual finishes – soft touch, high gloss, and everything in between is possible with varying minimums
  • Board variations, including triple white and thinner micro flute construction like E and F for strength without bulk


With volume (usually 1,000 boxes or more) just about anything is possible. So please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to discuss your application. We have the experience to help you make the best possible impression on your customers.

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18 May 2017 The Unboxing Experience – Beyond Esthetics for E-commerce and Subscription Packaging

e-commerce shipping, subscription packaging

The Unboxing Experience – Beyond Esthetics for E-commerce and Subscription Packaging

Much has been said and written about the importance of the unboxing experience. What the digital customer sees and feels when they receive and open your shipping container plays a critical role in the overall experience and shapes the seller/buyer relationship going forward.

Appearance is obviously important, but we consider that a given. Everything from ink colors, graphic design, and the perfect tissue paper makes an impression, and as we say communicates something about you, your company, and your product. We believe however, that adjectives such as pretty, classy, upscale, eye catching are all great, but there is a lot more going on than what meets the eye.

While we believe an unboxing experience has to look great, it also has to be effective. If it is not, all of the costly esthetic efforts end up being a waste of precious time and money. In addition to being attractive…

An effective unboxing experience has to be secure

All of the ribbon and bows in the world cannot make up for a damaged product. First and foremost the product being shipped has to arrive safely and in one piece.

improve your e-commerce packaging

An effective unboxing experience has to present the product well

The product should not be buried in packaging materials and it should not be floating around loose within the container due to poor insert or interior packaging design.

An effective unboxing experience has to be product accessible

As a designer of many “frustration free” designs, we know the consumer does not want to wrestle with or utilize tools to extract their product from your packaging.

 An effective unboxing experience has to be green

Consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to the amount of packaging arriving at their homes. The boxes for all of those books, shoes, clothes, and “meals by mail” they are buying has to go somewhere. The want minimal, high recycled content and easily recyclable packaging.

The Unboxing Experience Design Challenge

The real dilemma for most shippers is how do you accomplish all of these objectives (and others) at the same time? For example, how do you balance product protection versus shipping weight? Which is more important – presentation and accessibility or security? Are your customers focused on the WOW experience or the environment? And of course you need to deliver all of this in one neat, attractive package.

This is why it is wise to utilize a resource that has the experience of making millions of boxes and working with hundreds of companies like yours over the course of the last ten years. It all begins with an application review that includes a discussion about your customers, your products and even your competition. The better we know you and your goals, the easier it us for us to help you make an informed decision.

Sure we make and print some beautiful boxes and you can see many examples in our gallery but we also make effective boxes designed to not ruin the unboxing experience. Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost, no obligation review of your packaging process and results.

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16 Jan 2017 Balancing Protection and Presentation on E-commerce and Subscription Boxes

e-commerce, shipping, subscription, mailers, shipping inserts, corrugated mailersThe worst possible customer experience is for an eagerly awaited product to arrive damaged or broken. In addition to having a very disappointed customer, you also have to deal with product replacement, which can make a profitable order very unprofitable, very quickly.

At the same time, most clients want high product visibility and a great experience for their customers when their package is opened. No one is eager to unwrap yards of foam or bubble cushioning material, wads of packing paper, or to sift through a box of foam packing peanuts or other loose fill cushioning product.

More Than a Pretty Shipping Box

We have learned that a great graphic design and print job is quickly overlooked when the glass jar of salsa being shipped, shatters. That is not the type of presentation anyone had in mind.

We are very proud of the printing work we do and a tour through our photo gallery will show great colors, creative designs, and boxes obviously designed to impress. However, properly protecting the product being shipped should always be a key consideration when the true, overall cost of a damaged shipment is factored in. We are especially careful with fragile products or anything in a glass container including sauces, candles, e-juice, and even liquor.

eco-friendly shipping, food shipping, e-commerceE-commerce packaging Solutions That Help Protect Without Sacrificing Appearance   

Few organizations deliver the WOW factor as often or as consistently as we do, but unlike companies who only print boxes, we create total packaging solutions that are customer and product specific. We fully understand what happens when a package is dropped and effect that impact and shock has on the packaging and product being shipped.

When it comes to internal/protective packaging, there are no “standard” or one size fits all answers, so we have gathered some of the best protective and green packaging products available, and more importantly, our experienced people know how to use them to help you deliver a great looking package at the lowest possible cost.

Here are a few examples of the type of protective, cushioning products we offer:

Die Cut Corrugated Designs – Typically a custom cutting die is required but these are by far the most popular because they have a low 1,000 MOQ, are relatively low cost, and extremely eco-friendly. Customers appreciate the high recycled content and the fact that they are easily recycled and re-pulped.

Corrugated and Paperboard dividers and partitions – Usually they do not require any type of tooling or cutting die. They are not designed to provide any cushioning but sometimes all that is really needed is product isolation and/or separation.

Die cut or molded foams – We have a dozen foam formulations available ranging from very soft and cushioning to very rigid and strong. Different foams for different applications makes this the most versatile option available.

Inflatable packaging products – If the volume is higher, 400 to 500 shipments per day, it is possible the best solution for you is an inflatable packaging system able to make pillows or even bubble on demand.

Molded Pulp – Usually the minimum and the necessary mold/tooling costs are higher but for some applications there is no greener or less labor intensive solution. Usually molded pulp is a great solution for the same size and shape product being shipped in volume. Example – cell phones.

No cost, no obligation application review

What is the best product and packaging process for you? As you may have gathered, there are a number of potential options and many factors we consider when helping you develop the appropriate packaging strategy.

The best way to find out is to contact us at Salazar Packaging via email or call us at 630-551-1700 for a confidential and free analysis of your requirements and objectives.

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