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14 Oct 2010 Minimizing the Unexpected Costs of Green Die Cut Boxes

Stock and custom die cut mailer boxesWe enjoy creating eco friendly printed, die cut containers, but they are not exempt from many of the same potential costs and problems of non-green die cut designs and solutions. During a recent phone conversation with a potential new client, I could hear the disappointment in my contact’s voice when I informed him he would probably have to invest several thousands of dollars in printing plates and cutting dies even before his first box was cut or printed. This situation was unique and extreme because we were talking about an oversized, 12” tall, stackable display tray that would be palletized for a large retailer. The two-color copy the customer wanted printed on each panel of course added some cost, but not as much as you might expect. As I have said many times, ink is cheap, but set up time and plates are not. This unfortunately also holds true for cutting dies for new package designs, whether the container being designed is a counter top display, tuck mailer, tray or special shipping box.
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31 Aug 2010 Small Boxes are Big Problem for Large Retailers

[caption id="attachment_1768" align="alignnone" width="325" caption="Small Size Changes Make a Big Difference"][/caption] We have spent a great deal of time suggesting the idea of “right sizing”, which is essentially only using as large of a shipping container as is truly needed for any product being shipped. Minimizing the size of a shipping box is green and economical because it also minimizes everything that goes along with it such as the necessary void fill and tape used to seal the box. Disturbing Trend – Minimum Allowable Box Size Two months ago we found out about a major electronics retailer who instituted an 8” cube minimum box size. Keep in mind that an 8” cube box is actually EIGHT times larger and eight times the waste compared to a 4” cube box. Then, just a week ago a large ladies accessory retailer notified their suppliers and vendors that they too had adopted a new “minimum allowable inbound shipping container.” It appears this policy is designed to eliminate product loss because smaller boxes have a tendency of becoming lost or damaged in a high volume receiving environment at many large retail operations. This policy is not very positive in terms of packaging sustainability but perhaps it is necessary and important. Greener Options In the spirit of “you can’t fight city hall,” perhaps the best we can do is offer some suggestions to minimize the negative green aspects of this change, as well as minimizing the cost.
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27 Jul 2010 Green Packaging – A B2B Resource to Cut Through the Green Clutter Online

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="alignnone" width="425" caption="New! B2B Green Packaging Directory"][/caption] Most will agree that there is an incredible proliferation of green products and suppliers on the internet and this is especially true in the area of green, eco-friendly packaging products. Sorting through the results on any key word product search is overwhelming because you have located thousands of potential suppliers but are they: • Truly green? • Cost Competitive? • The best product option? • Available with any form of knowledgeable support? Find what you need while saving time and money! With the help of a few, exceptional sustainability focused packaging companies; we are very pleased to announce the launch of a new website at Our partners and charter members in this new venture are Nashville Wraps, the leader in sustainable packaging for the gift and retail packaging market, Eco Bags, one of the oldest and greenest packaging companies in America, and Distant Village, a pioneer and leading supplier of socially responsible, eco friendly handmade, custom packaging. Add these companies and products to the custom packaging products of Salazar Packaging and the stock green packaging products offered by Globe Guard Products, and you have the widest variety of green products and solutions available through one internet site. What you will find at What this site offers you as an eco minded professional buyer is: • An easy to use product index to help you locate and connect with affordable and authentic green packaging suppliers able to help you accomplish your packaging sustainability goals. • The start of a reference library of information in blog form, to guide you to the best product or process choice for your specific application. Each blog post is written by industry leaders able to provide you valuable “what to use and how to use it” advice for any business environment.
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16 Jul 2010 Packaging Equipment Activity – A Reason to be Optimistic

[caption id="attachment_1616" align="alignnone" width="375" caption="Shrink Wrap Sealer and Tunnel"][/caption] We are so focused on sustainable packaging and that is obviously what we are best known for, but we also happen to be one of the most experienced packaging equipment suppliers in the industry. Our products include shrink wrapping systems, pallet wrapping equipment, bagging and bundling systems, case closure equipment and a wide variety of conveyors, feeders, placers and other production enhancing hardware. The Economic Indicator We Look At I am glad to report we are having an excellent equipment month. We have multiple orders from multiple customers in different industries and that is extremely encouraging considering the spotty equipment sales we’ve experienced for almost two years. This is also significant because July is historically not a good month for equipment orders. If you believe (and I have for over 35 years) that equipment sales always precede and drive material sales, this is one of the most encouraging economic signs we have seen in a while. We have been doing this too long to become giddy over one single good month of equipment sales but here are a few more positive signs to consider:
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17 Jun 2010 Globe Guard Reusable Boxes Are Ideal for Reusable or Reprintable Banners, Posters and Signs

[caption id="attachment_1530" align="alignnone" width="360" caption="The Globe Guard Reusable Box"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1532" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Ideal for Banners"][/caption]Even in the day of electronic media, we are still constantly bombarded by printed promotional messages because they work. Our attention is caught by the window sign introducing a new product, a poster announcing a sale, or a banner proclaiming a grand opening of a new location. What all of these have in common is that they are temporary and unfortunately, usually discarded after their brief use. That is a tremendous waste of resources, including ink and substrate such as paper, plastic or even canvas. The Good Green News What is most encouraging is the fact that retail operations and printers are beginning to see this unnecessary waste and avoidable expense. The focus is shifting to “washable” inks and reusable substrates so that the same sign, banner or poster material can be used over and over with no deterioration of image quality. Neat stuff! Especially if your retail marketing plan includes a quarterly “Going Out of Business Sale” and you like a new look for each “Once in a Lifetime” event. How the Globe Guard Reusable Box Can Help Reclaiming and reusing that banner or sign is not difficult if you have a store or two. But what if your sale or promotion includes 2,300 retail locations scattered around the country? Think about all of the waste and cost that creates, as well as the potential confusion if they were returned to a reclaim or reverse logistics facility?
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10 Jun 2010 How to Save Time and Money with Converted Eco Friendly Bubble Packaging

[caption id="attachment_1513" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="Custom Bubble Packaging on Demand!"][/caption] Converted into what? A form or shape that is easier and faster to use such as a bubble pouch, bubble sleeves or bubble bags. Saving the planet is obviously good but sometimes reducing packaging costs can be the difference between profit and loss. Saving time may also prove to be the difference between meeting an important customer deadline or disappointing them.

Converting Bubble Packaging on an “As Needed” Basis

As many different sheets and bubble sizes as we have available, there are times when a flat sheet of bubble is NOT the best packaging option. Sheets can lead to wasted material and manual wrapping can be costly in terms of labor. With the use of a compact and inexpensive bar sealer a sheet of bubble packaging can be easily converted into a sleeve, open end pouch, pouch with a closing flap, or even a full enclosure. While our bubble packaging is tinted green to make its biodegradability obvious, most users don’t realize how easily it can be sealed into just about any form or shape for easy and quick packaging use. Envision creating a sleeve that you can easily slip over a bottle or tubular shaped product. Or making pouches of almost any size to fit your variety of product sizes. Now imagine being able to save substantial time and money with all of the wrapping, cutting and taping that can be reduced if your bubble packaging conformed to your product like a well fitting, protective glove.

Converted Bubble Packaging for Larger Volume Applications

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11 May 2010 Mills Gone Wild or How to Play Safely in a Fast Rising Market

What may sound like a story about intoxicated college students on Spring Break is really not that at all. It is about a paper and corrugated box industry that has just announced a second, substantial price increase in less than four months. It’s definitely not fun and the only “wild and craziness” involved here is an effort to try to keep up and minimize fast rising product costs, while many of our customers resist increases and are simply working hard to survive.

Are the Paper and Corrugated Increases Justified?

My personal opinion is no, they are probably not but then again who knows. As a non-manufacturing distributor of corrugated products, our largest competitor is but a flea in the overall market and scope of an industry that measure sales in terms of tons and billions of dollars. There is a lot of industry talk about expired government subsidies, a shoot out between two major mills with the rest of us as innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire and of course the ability of the industry to control pricing by controlling output and production. The week of January 22nd Pulp & Paper reported an increase of $50 per ton on liner board and the end result was an increase on corrugated boxes that ranged from 6 to almost as much as 10% depending on the manufacturer. This most recent increase announced the week of April 23rd of $60 per ton, is likely have a similar impact in terms of increase percentage on box pricing.
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06 May 2010 Can Retail Packaging Be Attractive, Unique and Green?

[caption id="attachment_1428" align="alignnone" width="425" caption="Candle Packaging Designs for Every Need - and Budget"][/caption] Retail packaging can be attractive, unique and green - and we have helped many companies create packaging that is eye catching and eco friendly. For example, it’s not easy to stand out in a highly competitive market such as candles, where appearance is every bit as important as recycled content or recyclability, but we provide our customers with options and combinations that few other companies have to offer.

Green Packaging Must be Cost Competitive, Too

We understand that everyone has a price point they have to target depending on where and how they sell their product and of course, manufacturing costs, including ingredients. Packaging costs and appearance requirements differ greatly for products selling over the internet or at a green fair, versus products retailing at a high end boutique. That is why we specialize in designing to the acceptable cost and will usually offer our design clients a variety of options, different looks and varying costs. Everyone’s needs are unique as is our custom retail, eco friendly packaging.

Wide Range of Solutions because of our Wide Range of Products

Most suppliers represent a manufacturer and have one type of product to offer. Corrugated box suppliers rarely sell paperboard (folding carton) packaging and the opposite is true as well. Neither is likely to offer a paper tube design, even if it happens to be the best option for the customer and application. The benefit of working with a resource like us is that we are able to not only offer all substrate options, we can provide combinations of material that no one else will ever suggest. Different bases, bodies and lids can sometimes be used to minimize costs and create a truly unique package.

One Example of Unique Variety and Flexibility

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