Custom Inserts for Stock and Custom Mailer Boxes

17 Jun 2014 Custom Inserts for Stock and Custom Mailer Boxes

4 cavity foam insertWe spend a lot of time helping our clients and customers create some of the most attractive custom printed shipping boxes used for e-commerce, branding purposes and subscription commerce applications. However in many cases, what goes on inside the box is every bit as important, because after all, if the product being shipped arrives dented or damaged, it barely matters what the box looks like.

Different objectives of internal packaging

Unlike paper wrap or loose fill options which can be very attractive and provide some level of cushioning or surface protection, custom inserts are specifically designed and engineered to immobilize the product being shipped. The goal may be to prevent product to product damage which is quite common, or to absorb the shock resulting from a drop.

Here are a few of the most common protective, custom internal packaging options we have to offer:

shown with lower half of molded pulp clamshellMolded Pulp Trays and Clamshells

With our low 1,000 minimum and tooling costing hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, our process makes this option very affordable, even for low volume or short term applications. We can create an open top custom tray for the product or various components to sit in, with or without a top tray covering, creating a “clamshell’ to protect the product from over as well as under.

Every application is a little different but we are able to create low cost molds for just about any application. Molded pulp is considered one of the greenest packaging materials available because it is simply paper waste put to good use.

Die Cut or Molded Foam

There are many different types and densities of foam ranging from very soft polyurethane to extremely stiff forms, or in between such as our biodegradable semi-rigid foam. Some can be machined, or molded, and others simply fabricated depending on the application and volume.

What material or process is best depends on what level and type of protection the product being shipped requires. Other factors include order quantity, tooling costs and in some cases appearance.

die cut insert for glass bottlesDie Cut Corrugated Inserts

When a corrugated or paperboard insert is placed inside a shipping box we create a package that may contain a high percentage of recycled (even post-consumer) waste and is easily recyclable anywhere, making it a very green packaging option. What we enjoy most since it is a custom die cut option, is the way we can build in versatility enabling the shipper to use the same insert for multiple products and configurations.

Inserts can be very plain in natural Kraft or white or used to create a terrific presentation, enhancing the customer’s experience. The minimum can range from 1,000 inserts to several thousand depending on size and graphics but there is no limit to what we can help you create to hold your product(s) in place during shipment and display them for your customers.

This is just a snapshot look at several more common options but we have many more solutions to choose from. As always we are led by the application and we would love to discuss yours with you. Please contact Salazar Packaging for a review of your needs or call us at 630-551-1700.

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