Custom Packaging & Box Design

It is great when the exact product you need is on the shelf and ready to ship, but most of our customers are not that fortunate. They make unique products or have unusual requirements that no stock product can possibly satisfy.

For those situations we are able to design and deliver custom products that are:


  • Economical in initial cost and in usage
  • As green as possible without sacrificing performance or economics
  • Readily available in reasonable quantities

A few examples of the applications we work with are:

Primary and retail packaging

Our designs include virtually every substrate corrugated, paper board and plastic films including Automated Packaging bags for retail display and Bemis Clysar shrink films.

Secondary packaging for shipment and fulfillment

Every type of container from our Globe Guard® corrugated shipping boxes and die cut mailers to mailing tubes as well as padded and unpadded, paper and plastic mailing envelopes.

Custom molded pulp trays and clamshells

Internal or protective packaging

Packaging materials designed to separate, cushion, immobilize and protect your products during shipment. This includes packaging products, but is not limited to standard and eco-friendly Air Pouch™ air pillows, corrugated partitions, corrugated die cut inserts, Geami packaging materials, biodegradable molded foam inserts, as well as custom molded pulp trays and clamshells.

Temperature controlled packaging
Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals or cupcakes, maintaining the correct temperature can be critical. At the same time, there is a growing aversion to EPS foam and materials that are perceived to be unfriendly to the environment. Each application is unique, but we are able to satisfy them using our biodegradable foam inserts.

Branded packaging
Almost every product we offer whether it is stock or custom can be printed with your name, logo, and web address or marketing message. We make custom branding as easy and inexpensive as possible. Minimums apply and differ depending on the product and substrate.

Is custom packaging really necessary for your application?
Possibly, but please contact us and allow us to review your needs and give you an honest response. In many cases, a stock or semi custom solution is available and we will be glad to steer you in the right direction. Helping you to make an informed decision about your packaging is what we do.