Geami Green Wrap Ready Rolls are Still Available

19 Mar 2015 Geami Green Wrap Ready Rolls are Still Available

white on Kraft demoOne of the impacts of “dimensional shipping rates” (DIM Weight) is that it became ridiculously expensive to ship large but lightweight boxes. No one wants to spend $40 to ship a $30 product.

We knew this would have a negative impact on some of our customers who ship lightweight, bulky products such as bedding, pillows, etc. However, it also hurt a few of our vendors, for example – Geami who is best known for their Green Wrap Ready rolls of incredibly protective and very ecofriendly paper.

The colorful rolls of pre-expanded material were a customer favorite but shipping them via UPS, FedEx, or USPS became cost prohibitive. Gone is the variety of colors but we still have two great options available for you:

Geami Ready Roll Ex Box

This is the perfect solution to overcome the dim weight and rate issues because the material inside is not pre-expanded, so it is very compact to ship. One case of Ex Box material is the equivalent of five cases of the old pre-expanded paper (750’ per case compared to 150’ per roll) which makes it affordable to use and to ship. The following video shows how the Ex Box system works so you can see how easy and convenient it can be.

It is available on our Globe Guard® green packaging store in either white interleaf tissue on BROWN die cut Kraft paper, or in white interleaf tissue on WHITE die cut Kraft paper. Both are stock items and currently ship anywhere in the continental USA via UPS ground service for a very low $10.00 per case.

You tube

ExBox in stock and available at
Geami Pre-Expanded Rolls

For those who really prefer their Ready Wrap rolls pre-expanded, we are able to provide white interleaf tissue on Brown Kraft die cut paper, however, the minimum quantity is one pallet/ 25 rolls. You will not find that product on the store because the shipping cost varies greatly depending on where it is shipping and the delivery requirements at the ship-to address. If you are interested in learning more about this product, please call our customer service team at 630-551-1700.

As always, we will continue working with our vendor partners to supply you with the best and greenest packaging products at the lowest possible cost. You can contact us via email if you prefer and we can also discuss other internal and protective packaging options as well including partitions, die cut dividers, molded pulp and molded foam

If you prefer, please contact us via email at Globe Guard Products.

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