Globe Guard Announces the Addition of Biodegradable Bubble Packaging

10 Nov 2009 Globe Guard Announces the Addition of Biodegradable Bubble Packaging

Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Is Now Available!

Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Is Now Available!

We are pleased to be able to FINALLY add a biodegradable bubble packaging product to our already extensive line up of eco friendly protective packaging and void fill solutions.

Bubble Packaging with No Apologies

Over the last two years we have received numerous emails and phone calls asking for eco friendly protective packaging bubble sheets or rolls. We’ve always had the same response; “We’re sorry but to date we have not seen a bubble product that we consider green and eco friendly. If we identify one that meets your requirements and our standards, we will eagerly add it to our Globe Guard Products green packaging web store.”

That time has finally arrived and we are very happy to have secured a product that features all of the properties we need and do so at a competitive price compared to so called, “standard” bubble products. There are situations and applications ideally suited for a bubble sheet such as small or delicate fragile products that you simply don’t feel comfortable packing in loose fill or other packing options. Now you have a green way of satisfying those difficult applications.

Get 10% Off on Your Green Bubble Packaging Order

Get 10% Off on Your Green Bubble Packaging Order

Recyclable, Reusable, Biodegradable Bubble Packaging, and ON SALE!

This bubble is tinted green to let people know it is uniquely sustainable and we are pleased to feature it on our store through the end of November at a new product introductory sale price of 10% off of the standard post sale list price. Please use promo code GRNBBL at check out to receive your 10% discount.

Initial Stock Put Up

Even though we chose 3/16” bubble, 12” wide and 250 feet long rolls (packed one roll per case) as our initial “stock” item, we anticipate adding additional sizes soon. So, if you have a different bubble size, roll width, or put up you need, please let us know. We will be glad to provide you with pricing so you can see how well it compares to products that don’t provide the green benefits this bubble does.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to place a trial or test order.

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