Globe Guard Products Adds Paragon Torque Hand Stretch Film to Product Line

07 Nov 2012 Globe Guard Products Adds Paragon Torque Hand Stretch Film to Product Line

When you visit the web site page for Paragon’s Torque hand wrap stretch films, they boldly claim: half the film, half the effort and twice the force. Quite frankly that is an amazingly accurate description of the unique product Paragon has created. That’s why it has earned a position on our store, alongside some of the greenest products the packaging industry currently has to offer.

 What Makes it Unique?

Nano-Technology – These Torque products are created using the latest film technology available to produce micro thin, multilayer films that are unusually thin and yet remarkably strong. Depending on the application, it is not at all unusual for us to be able to replace 80 or 90 gauge film with our 32 gauge Torque II, or our 36 gauge Torque 70 films.

Orientation – most high performance films today are oriented where film molecules are rearranged for superior elongation and puncture resistant properties. However, Paragon films cannot only be stretched further than most hand wrap films; they stretch easier, reducing operator fatigue for more consistent (load to load) wrapping results.

Holding Force

Perhaps because our Torque films elongate so easily (BTW minimizing unit cost) they have far greater holding force compared to any other hand wrap film we have tested. Most films tend to relax after they are stretched, resulting in load shifting and film failure while Torque films hold fast and securely.

Economics and Efficiency – as stated above when you are able to stretch a film further, you also reduce the cost proportionately. When the film is thinner and lighter to begin with, the operator finds it easier to elongate the film, reducing labor and minimizing operator fatigue. These two different film characteristics accelerate the savings while enhancing the film performance.

Folded Hem Edge – anyone who has used stretch film will tell you most film tears begin on the edge of the film. This situation is usually aggravated when the roll is dropped and the roll edge is nicked. As Torque films are wound on rolls, the edge is folded over or “hemmed” on both edges creating a double thickness of film where additional strength is most needed. This reduces waste, enables consistent elongation and makes it easier to use it effectively and efficiently.


What Makes it Green?   

You may be wondering what all this has to do with being environmentally responsible or “green”. In most books and opinions, the very first “R of sustainability is “REDUCE” and all of the excellent properties listed above work together to help customers use far less product compared to other conventional films. Try them and perform your own “wrap and weigh” test using a common postal scale and you will probably see you are using half as much product with Torgue films, compared to the wrap you are currently using.

In addition to what may be a 50% source reduction of film resin, the lower film weight also reduces shipping costs and fuel consumption, inbound and outbound. In addition and in spite of all the technology Paragon puts into these films, in the end they can be recycled as polyethylene waste, just about any place where you can recycle a poly shopping bag.

Take the Torque Challenge

Contact us if you want to discuss your specific application, but we are now recommending this film for pallet wrapping, package bundling, banding purposes and even for the wrapping of fire wood bundles.  We are so convinced you will like these films that if we review and approve your application prior to purchase, we will guarantee the film’s performance. If it does not work, we will gladly take back the unused portion and issue a full credit for the product less the shipping costs.

We have two Torque films in stock with more gauges and widths to follow. If you don’t see what you need, let us know and we will be glad to consider adding it to stock.

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