New Geami GreenWrap ExBox Is Available on Globe Guard®, Green Packaging Store

24 Mar 2013 New Geami GreenWrap ExBox Is Available on Globe Guard®, Green Packaging Store

white on Kraft demoMany Globe Guard® customers have discovered Geami Green Wrap and appreciate the way it protects the products they are shipping. Others like the fact that it is a paper solution and greener than less desirable products such as peanuts and bubble packaging. What everyone agrees on is how unique and attractive it is, especially now with 45 different color combinations available on our store.

“I love it but it’s kind of bulky”

That is about the one and only negative comment we ever have received from customers and we admit is a common problem whenever you are storing and shipping a cushioning product like bubble packaging on rolls, foam, packing peanuts  and yes, even our Green Wrap product.

Packaging Need? Geami Innovation!

After receiving this type of feedback from some customers, the nice people at Geami set out to create a product that actually expands as needed and used, so it does not have to be “pre fluffed or pre-expanded”. The ExBox is the result of that effort and it works extremely well. The paper and tissue arrive in a compact, self-contained box saving space, shipping costs and of course, money. Each ExBox case (750’ per case) is the equivalent of FIVE GreenWrap cases that each only contain 150’ of materials per roll and per case.

Please watch the YouTube video below to see how it works.

You tube

ExBox in stock and available at

More colors are sure to follow soon but we are glad to already have brown Kraft paper and white tissue and white Kraft paper with white. As on all of our Geami products, these two new items ship at no charge anywhere on the USA mainland.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to see a sample of any of the Geami Ready Roll products. We are confident you will find it to be an attractive and economical green packaging solution to help you eliminate the use of eco unfriendly products that are difficult to recycle such as peanuts and bubble.

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