Stock Green Packaging Supplies

From the very beginning, our company in early 2007, set our goal to make green packaging supplies available to anyone who wanted them. First, we had to overcome the perception and unfortunately sometimes the reality, of poor quality, high minimums and even higher prices often associated with eco-friendly packaging products.


This combined with an ailing economy made it clear the market could not afford and was not prepared to pay a premium to use products that were designed to be better for the environment. We realized that the only way we were going to be able to accomplish our goal was to make the high quality, authentically green packaging products, affordable and competitively priced, ideally less expensive than so called “standard” products.


The Globe Guard® brand was created because the market told us they wanted products that were legitimately eco-friendly and not simply the same old products with a fresh coat of green wash. All Globe Guard® products are thoroughly reviewed and tested before they are offered to our customers on our industry first, green packaging store,

Globe Guard RSC style shipping boxes

Recycling versus Recycled Content


While many debated one over the other, we simply asked, “why not both?” After all, if we encourage consumers and businesses to recycle their waste, don’t we have to find a purpose and use for it? So we helped to make paper based products, both corrugated and paperboard made of high quality, competitively priced, 100% recycled content.

The first product we offered on our store was our Globe Guard®100% post consumer (PCW), recycled content RSC style shipping boxes. Soon after we added a line of packaging papers and water activated box sealing paper tape. We followed that up with our 100% recycled content die cut mailer boxes.

Since then we have added Green Wrap Ready Rolls by Geami and EZ Green Pak that virtually eliminate the need in most applications for expensive, plastic based solutions like bubble packaging and packing peanuts. We have added a line of 100% recycled content, unpadded paper mailer envelopes that are available custom printed in a one case minimum.


Over time we have also expanded our site to include time and money saving packaging aids and dispensers and reusable packaging such as our unique Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer™.

Not the Biggest, Just the Greenest


No, we do not offer thousands of products or sell millions of dollars per day of less eco-friendly packaging products. However, for people who are sincerely interested in saving money AND doing the right thing in terms of the environment, we are pleased to serve. Please browse around our store and you’ll see we can satisfy most applications and if you don’t see what you need, please ask because not everything we have available is on the store, just our most popular items.


You can call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via this link.