Posted on November 4, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Sustainable Packaging One Stop Shop

Air LiftsMost of our customers are familiar with our web store, Globe Guard, where they can buy a variety of green packaging products to satisfy their packaging and shipping needs. What many don’t realize is how good we are on custom packaging, how many different packaging types we offer and/or our design capabilities.

A “Cool” Product and a Perfect Example

Air Lifts is a new product created by our good customer and friend, Kingdom LED, Inc. Their simple but incredibly effective invention makes it possible for electronic devices to be raised, permitting better air circulation under the item, keeping the electronics from overheating and thereby improving efficiency and extending the life of the components.

It’s a great product requiring retail and secondary packaging. After reviewing the customer’s requirements, we helped them design a counter top POP (point of purchase) display using our Globe Guard 100% recycled content board as the base for the necessary litho label to show off their outstanding four-color art work.

Air Lifts Point of PurchaseWe also designed and created a recyclable polyethylene bag that could be rack hung or loaded into the POP display. The bag was printed four colors as well, matching perfectly the design and colors we used to print the display unit.

Obviously, we also have the ability to make custom printed shipping boxes for the bags shipping with or without the display unit.

Why a Green Packaging One Stop Shop?

It is unusual to find a company like ours, capable of working in several different materials and substrates, ranging from corrugated to plastic. Typically, companies and sales people tend to gravitate to a specific area of expertise and try to focus on what they do best to avoid making potentially costly mistakes and putting customer relationships at risk. However, if you utilize the right company, the benefits of using a single source to accomplish a multi-faceted project are numerous and include:

1.    Consistency – in look, design and colors

2.    Single source responsibility – no finger pointing

3.    Reduced developmental and design time – Our friends at Kingdom LED did not have to work with three different vendors.

4.    Delivery time – One source results in fewer delays.

5.    Fewer mistakes – Missed hand-offs and miss communications are eliminated.

Few Limitations and Endless Green Possibilities

We have the broad base of product and process knowledge that includes design and package appearance, but not at the expense or exclusion of how the packaging product we recommend is going to be manufactured and used.

Also, we may do a lot of different things in sustainable packaging but we don’t do it all. So if you need something we can’t help you with, we probably know who can and we will gladly steer you in their direction.

Call us with your next project and green packaging challenge.