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07 Mar 2017 Are Brown Boxes More Eco-friendly Than White Boxes?

kraft box, white box, eco-friendly, Are Brown Boxes More Eco-friendly Than White Boxes?

That is most definitely a FAQ from our green minded customers and the answer is definitely yes, probably, in most cases. If that answer seems vague or non-committal, it is by design. The fact is there are many different ways to look at any packaging product’s greenness, and even more ways we can impact the natural sustainable features of packaging by what we do to it. Allow me to explain.

Green Packaging has always been a matter of perspective

Some people look at packaging strictly from a source perspective. What percentage of it is made of recycled content and what is that source. Post-consumer waste is rated much higher (greener) than post production waste, and that is better than virgin material.

Others are more concerned about packaging in terms of how easily it can be reused or if necessary, how it can be disposed of and/or recycled. As most people know, paper based packaging is typically much easier to recycle compared to plastic based packaging but it varies depending on a number of factors including type, and how it is printed or laminated.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Making the box look sharp does not always mean making it more expensive or complicated. We apply the KISS principle as much as possible because we know that over designing a shipping box adds cost and in most cases makes it less eco-friendly. Adding costly finishes to any box almost always has a negative impact on how it can be recycled and re-pulped so we prefer to increase the proverbial “WOW factor” by using screens, well printed colors, and last but not least – good substrates. No one can create a great looking print on cheap or substandard board, but it does not have to be expensive; just consistent.

Why we usually suggest brown board for a box exterior

MOST board with a white side in or out, is NOT 100% recycled content. White is typically virgin paper, that does not make it bad, in fact it makes for a great printing surface, but it is definitely not green if the goal is to use as much recycled content as possible.

In addition to the obvious green benefit, brown board is typically 5 to 6% less expensive compared to white board. Darker colors, such as dark blue, brown, and black print beautifully over natural Kraft Board, as do lighter colors like white and most pastels. However, the main reason we usually suggest brown board has nothing to do with relative greenness or material cost.

Simply put – brown boxes arrive looking better. Whether you ship UPS, FedEx or USPS, every box you ship is handled countless times and each time it ends up a little dirtier and beat up. This rough handling is much less obvious on brown board than it is on white board.

eco-friendly shipping box, custom printed boxHowever, the box interior usually arrives in perfect condition!

This is why we have become a leading designer of e-commerce boxes with interior prints. People can’t wait to open a box that just arrived, and we make sure they are greeted with a great looking box that creates the enhanced experience which is the goal of most shippers. That interior inside lid of a die cut mailer is a great printing surface for anything from a brief thank you to product use or assembly instructions, and can be inexpensively printed where they are not going to be missed or lost.

We believe this is such a great marketing tool that we have made it easy for companies to add or change an interior print, long after the box is first launched or printed. (see first related post below) It is never too late to make a great and memorable impression.

custom printed boxes, flood coatWhite exteriors for flood coat designs

If a graphic design is going to require edge to edge (flood coat) printing, we will usually recommend that printing is done on a white surface rather than brown. Natural (brown) Kraft varies in color so anything printed over it may also reflect that same shade variance. So the easy way to achieve beautiful solid color is to print it over white board.

That also makes reverse printing much easier, creating white copy that really pops. If you check out some of the boxes in our gallery, they look like they are printed white ink over a solid color but the reality is that they are a solid color ink printed over white board. The end result creates a much sharper two color look using only one color ink and one print plate.

If all this sounds complicated, it is, but not for people who do this day in and day out. We know how to create the best looking package at the lowest possible cost and will help you accomplish whatever your goals might be whether they are about color, cost, sustainability or even weight reduction for minimizing shipping costs.

Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to discuss your specific needs.

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13 Oct 2011 Pick and Pack Challenge – Keeping Open Product Clean

Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer™I have visited some of the cleanest, neatest, pick-and-pack fulfillment warehouses in the country, yet I have never seen one that does not create and accumulate dust. Between paper dust from boxes, paper void fill and from the products themselves, or even from fork lift use, slow moving or seasonal products can look very old and very dirty in no time at all.

We’ve all seen open boxes in a warehouse covered with dust, but what we don’t always see is the products within or how often they have to be discarded because they are no longer sellable. Or, worse yet, when customers complain because they received the item they ordered and it looks soiled or used. (more…)

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21 Oct 2010 Globe Guard Paper Mailer Envelopes – Now Reusable!

Reusable packaging in every form is more popular than ever, and now our paper mailers are reusable too. These heavy duty paper mailers are available gussetted and custom printed but now they can also be manufactured to be easily used a second time.Globe Guard paper mailers

Why Globe Guard Paper Mailers?

For green minded customers who will not accept plastic products, these Globe Guard 50% recycled content paper mailers have been a very effective way to mail or ship relatively flat products such as books, photos, etc. The gussetted, three-dimensional mailer envelopes are ideal for thicker, bulky soft goods like tee shirts and reusable bags.

Even though they are paper, they offer enough water resistance for most applications and are strong enough to hold up through USPS, FedEx or UPS shipping. (more…)

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09 Sep 2010 The New eBay Reusable Box – Not Perfect but a Timely Idea

eBay's new Re-useable Box The new box that eBay has created for their customers to reuse is an excellent concept and it could not come at a better time. People are more focused than ever before on all of the “three R’s” of sustainability,” but especially the one I often refer to as “the other R” or “the forgotten R,” which is “reuse.” Don’t be surprised however if it is not necessarily accepted and heralded in the packaging community as it already has been in green circles. Even though I agree it is a great idea whose time has come, it also is a perfect example of how difficult it is to create a truly green package.

What’s Wrong with the eBay Reusable Box?

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16 Mar 2010 The Globe Guard Reusable Box Replaces Labels and a Lot More

Print One Message Outside, and One Message Inside!

During a recent interview I was asked what I thought was the most valuable feature of our new patent pending Globe Guard Reusable Box. After I thought about it for a moment, I quickly replied that because it can be turned inside out, it has the unique ability to convey two completely different “looks”. Not so much from an appearance standpoint (used versus new) but from a functional perspective as well.

Intra Company Shipments and Labels

The more we speak with people about their intra company shipping, the more we realize the importance of distinct and obvious labeling. When a product ships from one facility to another, it frequently requires identification or designation as having changed because it was machined, finished, tested or simply transferred. That is usually accomplished with an oversized label.

The world of adhesive labels is a mile wide with a wide variety of stock and adhesives, but it is not uncommon for a 8” wide X 6” high label to cost $.20 to $.30 depending on type and of course quantity. That price can rise significantly if the label is custom printed with artwork or colors. It is also not unusual for even larger and more expensive labels than 8” X 6” to be used on oversized boxes because most often the label is being used to cover up previous labels and old/outdated information.

Revealing the “Inner Box”

At minimal additional cost, a Globe Guard Reusable Box can be custom printed on the inside as well as the outside. Ship-to, product code, status and other variable, changed information can be clearly and consistently communicated. It can be spot printed or even flood printed in a completely different color to make it stand out in an inventory or sorting scenario. (more…)

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04 Mar 2010 Fulfillment Services and the Globe Guard Reusable Box

The reusable shipping box after initial shipment, and pictured again after it is inverted for a second use.

Our New Reusable Shipping Box

When we first designed this new product, we anticipated a great deal of interest from companies doing fulfillment. After all they, like most companies in business, are being asked to perform new and in many cases, unanticipated services for their customers and their customers’ customers.

Fulfillment to Correct Mistakes and Problems

Hand holding scanner to shipping box labelUnfortunately one of the types of service required at times is what can only be referred to as “damage control”. Basically, something went wrong and someone has to fix it.

Manufacturers and marketing companies are not in the business of correcting problems so more often than not, those duties are out sourced to a fulfillment company. The problem becomes a little more severe when it is an eco friendly company that is in that position because after all, fixing a mistake typically leaves an even bigger carbon footprint behind. Add the fact that usually the high cost of recalls and similar problems are not budgeted for, and the fulfillment service company has to respond quickly, efficiently, economically and in an environmentally responsible way.

The Advantage of a Two Way, Reusable Box

Today product replacement is not enough. When there is a problem, let’s say a product recall or replacement, companies have to do product exchanges, in part to confirm the new product has been delivered but also to get the incorrect or faulty product off the street and back in their own hands. This may be for legal or PR reasons or possibly for testing, reclaim, and recovery or even to be able to file a claim against a vendor or other company involved in the problem. A box that is 100% recycled content and has the ability to make two trips can be an invaluable asset to help rectify the problem.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box Can Be a Chameleon

With our ability to print the patent-pending, Globe Guard® Reusable Box inside and out, we can easily provide a different look to help customers determine if the contents are the product being replaced or the replacement itself. Imagine printing it red on the inside so that after it is inverted and returned, it can easily be identified and processed. This is especially important if the unhappy customer is anticipating a credit or other compensation.

There are no limitations to what can be printed on the inside, so a ship to address, return code, routing number, customer account or part number, and even a bar code can be easily accommodated.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box is a unique product to help solve unique problems for companies like fulfillment service operations. Tell us about your unusual challenge and we will help you implement a solution that has a low cost for you and the environment.
eco-friendly-packaging-storeVisit the Globe Guard ® Green Packaging Store for –

Green Shipping Boxes
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See our revolutionary, patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Shipping Box!

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23 Feb 2010 Happy Birthday YouTube!

YouTube logoIn case you are not aware, You Tube will soon be celebrating the 5th anniversary of its launch in April of 2005.

Here are a few interesting YouTube facts you may not know.

  • They now stream a full BILLION videos each and every day.
  • According to some industry sources, YouTube now adds twenty HOURS of new content, every minute of the day.
  • If they stopped adding content today and you devoted your life to watching videos on YouTube, you would not live long enough to see them all.

YouTube and Business

In October of 2006, Google paid a whopping $1.65 BILLION for YouTube and even though it has never turned a profit for them, I suspect it will eventually prove to be money well spent. What we do know already is that it has the amazing ability to make worldwide internet stars out of some people who ordinarily would not been noticed in their own neighborhood.

YouTube is also proving to be a tremendous asset to business because it provides a simple, inexpensive way to potentially share something with the world.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box – “You Have to See It!”

If you are a regular reader you know we recently created a new patent pending box design we call the Globe Guard® Reusable Box. Essentially we made it easy to invert a previously used box inside-out, creating a like new box that can be used again.

We could have written a lengthy description of the inverting process and possibly included several still photographs, but the best way for us to help others understand how easy it is to invert our new box design is to actually demonstrate it for them. By witnessing the process in real time, it is easy to fully appreciate its speed and simplicity.

Happy Birthday, YouTube … and thank you!

eco-friendly-packaging-storeVisit the Globe Guard ® Green Packaging Store for –

Green Shipping Boxes
Eco Friendly Packaging Materials
Special Deals on Eco Friendly Shipping Supplies

See our revolutionary, patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Shipping Box!

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16 Feb 2010 Intra Company Shipments and the Globe Guard Reusable Box

A Globe Guard Reusable Box pictured before first use, after first use, and inverted to form a like new shipping container.

Globe Guard Reusable Boxes

Companies ship things back and forth much more than they realize until they start evaluating where the boxes they purchase wind up going. In some cases plastic totes, metal cases or wooden crates can satisfy the need but those options tend to be expensive and are best utilized when the container is going to wind up back where it started. In many cases, a low cost corrugated container like our Globe Guard® Reusable Box is a better, lower cost and greener option.

Why Do Companies Ship Product within Their Own System?

There could be a wide variety of reasons but here are a few of the most common:

  • For inventory purposes – one location’s over stock is another’s back order.
  • For testing and examination – labs are often centralized even in the largest of companies so product makes a round trip after it is reviewed and approved.
  • For finishing and secondary operations – not all facilities have the same capabilities requiring product to be shipped from one location to another.
  • For repair and return situations.
  • For de-manufacturing, rework and reclaim of company or customer owned products.

Shipments to Partners and Vendors


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11 Feb 2010 The Globe Guard Reusable Box – A Timely Green Packaging Solution

The reusable shipping box after initial shipment, and pictured again after it is inverted for a second use.

Finally, a Truly Reusable Shipping Box

In case you have not heard, we have officially launched our new patent pending product, the Globe Guard® Reusable Box. We think the packaging industry as a whole is waking up to the fact that reusable packaging can and should play an important role in our overall sustainability strategy and we are proud to be one of the companies sounding that alarm.

The Three “R’s” of Sustainability

We have been a leading advocate of the use of recycled and recyclable packaging materials for several years. Our Globe Guard 100% post consumer waste shipping boxes are a direct result of that effort and we are now literally selling our boxes everywhere from Hawaii to Maine and every place in between.

The second R in sustainability is reduce and with over fifty years of combined packaging experience, our staff has the ability to help almost any company use less packaging materials and reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. For example, people are often surprised when a supplier of boxes is so willing to show them how to use fewer boxes but that is what we do.

We believe the most ignored and virtually untapped R in packaging sustainability is reuse and that is simply because most packaging products are “use once and discard” by design. It is easy to print, “Please recycle or reuse” on any product, but it’s difficult to do when it was made to be disposable and not reusable.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box – Truly Designed to Be Reused!

My co-inventor and wife, Lenora, and I spent much time lamenting the fact that most corrugated boxes could be used again, if they did not look so awful after their first use. More than cosmetic, the re-usability was negatively affected by the tape, labels, markings and scuffs that usually cover a box after one single use.

We have seen boxes mistakenly re-delivered to the same address because an old label was read on a previously used box and we have also witnessed cost and eco conscious customers waste time and energy attempting to paint or cover over old labels and markings. Ironically that same used box usually has a clean and like new interior.

“If only there was a way to turn a box inside/out” we kept asking ourselves. We came up with a way and it is simple and extremely easy to do. Take a look at this 1.5 minute video and see how it works.

For a more detailed video and product information, visit our new Reusable Shipping Boxes website.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box Saves Money, Too!

We too operate a business in these tough times so we are well aware of the need for any packaging solution to be economically sensible as well as environmentally responsible. Simply put, our new, patent pending design essentially is one unique box that does the job of two or more boxes. It can also result in additional savings and benefits in the following areas:

  • Procurement costs – buying boxes half as often results in fewer trucks to unload and fewer invoices to process and pay.
  • Valuable space – in some operations space is an increasingly valuable asset and our box can dramatically reduce the amount of boxes you have to keep on hand.
  • Labor on returns processing – when our box is printed inside, it becomes the outside so package processing can be streamlined and more efficient.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and quicker turn around on warranty parts, service loaners or exchange programs.
  • Greening up your inbound and out bound packaging in a most obvious and unique way.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information on this newest product we have created to help save you money and help the environment.

The Globe Guard® Reusable Box

Green by Nature, Reusable by Design ™
eco-friendly-packaging-storeVisit the Globe Guard ® Green Packaging Store for –

Green Shipping Boxes
Eco Friendly Packaging Materials
Special Deals on Eco Friendly Shipping Supplies

See our revolutionary, patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Shipping Box!

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